My love affair with the Irish Setter began in 1970 when my mother purchased Shannon, a small female from a litter of field bred lines. While not the prettiest Irish Setter, she possessed the trade mark rollicking temperament that is a hallmark of the breed, and was a perfect family companion. Years later when I was in a position to look for a dog of my own I was certain that an Irish Setter was the breed for me, and Tara came into my life. In 1987 after losing Tara in a tragic accident, I decided to look for an Irish Setter to show and into my life came one of the best things that ever happened to me. With the purchase of Katie who became Ch Avon Farm Carousel CD JH my life changed forever - and Carousel Irish Setters was born. img

My dogs all live in my home and sleep on my bed. This obviously limits the number of dogs I can have at any one time. My breeding program is small and selective, only producing a litter when I want a puppy for myself. I take a great deal of time and care selecting the right dog to breed to one of my girls in order to produce puppies that are healthy, have correct type and structure, and have stable temperaments. It is my goal to place puppies into homes that will consider them a family member.

My breeding program while small has been very successful. I recently celebrated my 25th Champion, with the majority of the dogs breeder-owner handled. I am now about to start on the 5th generation of Carousel Irish Setters. I am proud of the dogs I have bred and look forward to the next generation.